Thursday, June 9, 2011

Install Window XP over Window 7 in Dual Boot

  • First of all, you must have Window 7 pre-installed first in your harddisk (Let say C drive)
  • Then, set your CD-ROM drive as first boot priority and boot Win XP CD to install it into another partition (Let say D drive)
  • After finished installing Win XP, reboot the pc.
  • It will directly boot into Win XP instead of Window 7 due to XP writes its bootloader over Window 7.
  • Thus, we need to restore back Window 7 bootloader.
  • Insert Window 7 CD/DVD and boot it then select "Repair" to restore back Window 7 bootloaded.
  • After finished repairing, it will automatically reboot into Window 7
  • Now, you are required to add a boot entry for your fresh install Window XP into Window 7 system.
  • One of the way to add boot entry into Window 7 so you can dual boot your Window XP is through EasyBCD application. (You can download it from here
  • I am referring to EasyBCD 2.0.2 here, once finished installling this application, launch it and select "Add New Entry".
  • In "Operating System", click on Windows tab then select Type as "Window NT/2k/XP/2k3 and then click on "Add Entry" button.
  • It is done now.
  • The next time you reboot your PC, you will be prompted to choose which Window system to boot.
  • Happy Learning ^_^

Friday, June 3, 2011

Redang Trip Part 1

My long awaited trip to Redang Island was finally realized.It all happened on 21 May 2011 at night together with 6 of my best Uni-mates. We took 830pm bus which was scheduled to reach our destination on the next morning about 630am. It was a double decker bus and it was driven quite fast as I know. We stopped 4 times in the middle of the journey and took our early breakfast as early as 4am~Ohh geeese..McBreakfast time but sadly that no McD in that area..><.. 

Once we reached Kuala Terengganu, we were welcomed by a van driver who drove us to Syahbandar jetty for ferry transfer.The ferry took about an hour plus to reach to the island. We were so fascinated by the seaview there and we took a few photos.Once we reached to the island, we were briefed by the instructor about our iterenary. After we checked in, we all prepared for our lunch and then we went to snorkelling. That was my first time snorkelling and I felt quite panic because I did not know how it feel.

I felt awkard when I wore on the mask as I was not used to it.It blocked my nose from being breathing.It must breathe through the mouth. At first, I forgot that so my mask was filled with water and I was choked..LOLX..scary eh..Even I swallowed quite a large amount of sea water but I still insisted to go on.But finally I gave up for the first day at Marine park..lolx

NTLDR file missing

Nothing much to worry about NTLDR missing file.Just copy back from the same version of OS window from the other harddisk (your backup harddisk or from your friend) to the windows drive. For example, if your OS window is stored in C:\ then copy NTLDR.ini file to C:\ and it will solve the problem.

Take note that, when you try to copy this file into your missing NTLDR file harddisk, make sure your harddisk is set as SECOND boot device or else it will boot from that harddisk and you will see the error NTLDR file is missing.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Nokia C5-03

The perceptual change of human mind has brought tremendous change to the lifestyle.From the creation of the first ever telephone by Alexander Graham Bell to make a call to wireless mobile phone, various kind of mobile phone design emerged until recently, the most popular trend of touchscreen mobile phone.

It was first introduced by Apple Inc of the iPhone which uses cutting-edge touchscreen technology.As the functionality and performance almost the same except using touch,this technology is getting popular nowadays.For the moment, mobilephone with touchscreen technology and good functionalities at least at four figure price.If compare with Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone, I would say iPhone touch technology is awesome.Its screen is very sensitive and just a light single touch will launch any applications or commands.

But of course,target audience for different mobile company is different.To have a low budget and good functionality and latest technology, Nokia does offered its very own mobile phone too. Nokia model C5-03 which was introduced around Q4 last year received quite a good response from user.

Below are some of the C5-03 features :
Quadband support
Tri-band 3G
3.2" 16M color LCD touchscreen
5MP focus camera
40MB internal storage (External storage up to 16Gb)
Symbian S60 OS
Wi-fi 802.11 b/g
Stereo FM radio
Stereo Bluetooth
Good audio quality

To have a Wi-fi branded phone, very less the price is offered below 1K here.But for this nokia model its retail price is about RM650.

To top it off, with high connectivity up to 10.2Mbps HSDPA and moderate processor in Nokia S60 device of 600Mhz, it is worth a buy.Of course we are talking about low budget phone with Wi-fi connectivity and moderate good processor and cannot compare with high end device.But if you can afford to have four figure phone, you can opt this out.^^


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

Time is flying very fast.It has been more than 2 months since I blogging.I still remember last year that I was waiting for the Chinese New Year so badly so that I can enjoy my holiday and have a reunion dinner with my family.And now, Chinese New Year is a history.Today is the 7th day of Lunar calendar of Chinese New Year.There is 8 more days to go for Chinese New Year come to an end.Chinese New Year was fell on last Thursday so we cannot expect too much holidays unless we have annual leave or unpaid leave.Most of the people already left since last Saturday and Sunday because they need to work the next day.

On the first day of Chinese New Year, we go "bai nian" at relatives house until afternoon.After that, we went back home and waiting for our dinner "lou sang" at Kok Thai restaurant.The food there is quite nice especially the pork ribs meat and the prawns there.
The next day, I went to meet my secondary classmates at Oldtown kopitiam.It was really a happy moment to meet them back after we had separated for almost 7 years.Some of them was met about 3 years ago and some really about 8 years.We shared our stories together and took some photos.After that, I went to my relatives house again (mum's side) for "bai nian" in the afternoon.Well, I used to be very close with my "biao ge" last time.But after we left secondary school it was never be the same anymore.Some has gone to work and some pursue their studies outside our state.Felt weird when saw them.I meet them once a year only and maybe that is the reason we have nothing to talk plus we have nothing in common anymore.
On the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, I met with TF and HP during at night.TF and me didn't meet with HP for almost half a year since she moved to KL to further her studies.Well, we had our drinks at Station 1 in Ipoh.We spent about 3 hours there and gossiping some people's story..LOL.Since my friend TF was quite quiet, both of us really tired talking this and that while he was laughing whenever we shared some jokes.Wish that he could talk more so we wont feel that tired.=)..Before we ended our gathering we took some photos "sebagai kenang-kenangan.Berharap dapat bertemu lagi kelak"..

"Walaupun masa perayaan Tahun Baru Cina ini agak singkat tapi saya berasa puas hati kerana dapat bertemu dengan beberapa kawan yang lama tak jumpa.Berharap lain kali dapat berbual panjang dengan mereka pada tahun depan."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Social stratification - Wealth

I would like to share some of the knowledge I know through sociology subject I have learned.Enjoy reading.^^

For many rewards and status the people achieved, sociologists have identified few essential bases of stratification which affects how the society is shaped.They are wealth, power and also prestige.They are usually linked together such as the filthy rich people would likely to have political power and prestige.

Wealth, by definition is the person's ability to use his/her mind to achieve something.For example, ancient people made a spear for protection.The spear is a kind of wealth own by him.It is also can be defined as something you can buy with money such as a luxury car or even a house.

As the social mobility is taken place, the gap between the rich and the poor become further and further.The rich will become richer and the poor become poorer.It is because the rich able to gain more monetary wealth by investing some properties or even forex (foreign exchange).The more they invest the more money they make.Of course there are some exceptional cases whereby the rich are cheated by the scam laundering or the lack of knowledge in buying shares which may lead them to bankruptcy situation in just a day or two.While the poor cannot afford to own even a better house, therefore, most of the them do not involve in invesment banking or buying shares.

For example, farmers planting crop to sell just to earn a living which sometimes when monsoon rain is coming, they will have less production or maybe some of the crops they planted are destroyed.This will affect their income which is just adequately to support their family.Most of the time, they are not afford to buy luxury thing for better living.Apart from that, fisherman job also will be affected by the monsoon rain.They cannot go far from the sea to catch fishes as it is dangerous for the ship.These two occupations are mostly inherited by their family also.If their father/mother is a fisherman, it is very high percentage their children will continue their job as a fisheman.They are considered having an ascribed status.

While for the rich such as businessman, they afford to buy most of the things they wanted because they have money.They live in a better environment, better education and socialize more.They have the tendency to make more money through socialization.As their networking is growing, their business is also growing because networking is inter-related with their business.The more people they know, the more chances they can earn more money.Why there are all kind of business functions held every year?This is the chances for the rich to know more people who are mostly from profession or legal firms such as lawyer, doctor, engineer or nutritionist.They are considered middle/high income class of people.They have the ability to expand the business with the income they earn.

In addition, business function only allows people who are wearing proper attire to go in.If someone from lower class wants to attend the function,he/she must at least afford to buy a proper attire first.Not to say the rich look down to the poor but sometimes the world is very materialistic.The functions held actually can be attended by anyone.But because of the policy which is set by the people.Who is that people?They are the rich who have this policy.Therefore, the gap between the rich and poor exists even until now.We cannot run from the fact that, the people who set this policy is the people who are wealthy and have the power to do so.If we look from other perspective, it is the norm or politeness to show we respect the function thus we need to wear proper attire.

Wealth can be obtained by all means.It can be proper wealth or it can be improper wealth.Proper wealth means that the things we buy or own through legal means.For example, Robert Kuok also known as Sugar King is the richest man in SouthEast Asia in 2008 with his net worth about $10 billion according to Forbes.He  involves in many businesses such as sugarcane plantation, flour milling, finance, hotel and properties to mention a few.All the money he made is through legal means without going against the law.

How do we define improper wealth?It is a wealth gained illegally such as house burglary or smuggling drugs or wildlife.Do you still remember the case of a Malaysian who is known as Lizard King (Anson Wong)?He is a notorious wildlife trafficker who smuggles snake for sale to earn for living.He actually goes against the law because he tries to export the endangered boa constrictors to Indonesia without permit.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Brief Introduction Of SSD hard disk

SSD is stands for solid states drive which is more stable and faster than the traditional hdd which uses electromechanical comprising of spinning disc and moveable read/write disc.

SSD has much lesser latency time which boost the performance of the pc in loading most of the applications and is susceptible to physical shock.You have nothing to worry in bringing ur pc/lappie anywhere without damaging the disc drive.

Besides, it has faster access time because spin-up is not required as in traditional hard disk (hdd).This SSD is quieter too which can give you peace of mind in the house.If you prefer a place which is environment friendly and free from noise, SSD is the best choice for you.

It is stated that SSD consumes less power than the traditional harddisk which I think is important in energy saving and cost savings for everyone.Who don't want a high efficiency harddisk with low maintenance cost in electricity,more stable and quieter and environment friendly?I am sure a lot of people will agree with this.

However, if you are budget constraint and prefer more spaces, traditional hdd will do.SSD currently is very high price in the market which I think the price will be lowered in 2 years time.However, if you are free from budget constraint and more emphasize on its performance and quieter, SSD will be a option.

Below is some information regadring conventional hdd and ssd